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How It All Started


Entrepreneurship requires passion, dedication and enterprise. Vichitra Rajasingh, the young founder and CEO of Puppy’s Bakery, has all three in ovenloads. Add to this a charismatic disposition and… voila! We have the recipe for a successful entrepreneur.“When I was a little girl,” says Vichitra, “I used to watch my grandma bake. She used to make some of the most mouth-watering cakes I have ever had. Every Christmas my grandmother bakes the most delicious plum cakes and sells it to her closest friend and family , the proceeds of which are donated to charity. I wanted to bake like her. ” And that’s how it all began. What started as an interest in baking soon became a passion and her baking skills were honed and enhanced as the years went by.

This passion culminated in a business enterprise in 2008 when she decided to open her own bakery. By that time, Vichitra had made quite a name for herself as a rising star in the restaurant business and hospitality education as the CEO of Bell Group of Hotels & Director of Bell Institute of Hotel Management. And when she had to come up with a name for the new venture, she didn’t have to look farther than herself. Vichitra, who is affectionately called as “Puppy” by everyone who knows her, decided to turn the quirky nickname into a brand.

Today, Puppy’s Bakery specializes in a variety sinfully delicious cakes, desserts, breads, shakes, pizzas and pastas, which have earned her the moniker “Dessert Queen”. Some have even gone so far as to credit her with the increased traffic in fitness centers.!!!

Puppy’s Bakery is best known for its custom designed cakes for birthdays, weddings and parties. Getting creative with themes, colours, shapes and sizes, a bespoke unique work of art is made to cater to the whims and fancies of every customer. From 12 foot tall extravagant wedding cakes to giant replicas of disneyland and the latest cartoon characters for children and edible designer handbags and shoes for fashionistas, Puppy’s Bakery has a cake to make everyone’s birthday uniquely special.

Puppy’s Bakery now has 7 stores in prime locations in Madurai, Sivakasi, Virudhunagar & Dindigul.

The Dessert Queen’s latest venture into ice creams is proving to be a smashing success. Little surprise, since no one expects anything less from the innovative young and vibrant lady who is revolutionizing desserts in southern Tamil Nadu.

The Story Behind the BLACK FOREST Cake


Germany is a land of innovation. It has given us the best cars, printing technology and the amazing BLACK FOREST CAKE. A juicy chocolate cake layered with whipped cream, cherries, chocolate and then topped with more whipped cream, more cherries and even more chocolate shavings. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Have you every wondered where this delightful cake originated?

This cake is named after the Black Forest area in Germany and featuresone of it’s main produce, cherries. It is also famous for its cuckoo clocks, dark chocolate, Morello cherries, and Kirsch, the double-distilled clear alcohol they produce from the cherries which is traditionally used to moisten the black forest cake.

The Black Forest Pom Pom Hat or otherwise known as the “Bollenhut” is an unmistakable symbol of the Black Forest. The traditional black dress is the dark chocolate cake,  the white shirt with Balloon puffy sleeves are the light real whipped cream, the 8-11 red pompoms are the cherries, and the black undulating lace veil shielding the young women’s eyes are represented by the chocolate curls. Nobody is sure that the ingredients were chosen to resemble the hat, but it is a nice coincidence.The hat is typically passed down from generation to generation and is made by an ever decreasing number of skilled seamstresses. The hat is coincidentally similar in weight they say to the cake you buy in the Black Forest.