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The following is a list of types cakes by puppys bakery and distinctive ingredients.
The majority of cakes contain some kind of flour, egg and sugar

qut_person Prashanth Nagarajan - Chennai


When I decided I was going to propose to my girlfriend, I did 2 things. First – I ordered the ring. Second – I booked tickets for someone to bring me 2 cheesecakes from Puppy's bakery in Madurai to celebrate post my proposal. That's how special their cheesecakes are to us - made with only the finest ingredients and plenty of love. If you want to know what all the fuss about New York style cheesecakes are, save yourself the air ticket to America and just get your fill at Puppy's!. 

qut_person Anuja Chandramouli - Sivakasi


In my mind, Puppy’s Bakery is associated not just with comfort food but with so many special memories as well. Their assortments of sinfully moist cakes are great stress busters and can always be counted on to take the edge off the blackest of moods. I remember going crazy on their chocolate exotica and strawberry cakes during my pregnancy, seeing the joy on my daughter’s face when she saw her special Barbie cake (she got to have her cake and eat it too, since the Barbie doll was a bonus gift!), being a part of the uproar when the Puppy’s team unearthed a spectacular Merry– go – round cake which spun around dizzily with flashing lights and music, and umpteen anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations which were made truly special by the addition of one of Puppy’s jaw – dropping cakes which look like a dream and taste even better! Over the years, Puppy’s Bakery has made a number of yummy additions to their menu ranging from soups, pasta, pizza, steaks and sandwiches to a plethora of sinfully delicious desserts. It is now a great place to chill out with friends for massive talkathons powered with great food, washed down with mocktails, milkshakes and smoothies. I thank the Sugar Fairy at the helm of Puppy’s Bakery for the gift of fantastic food! More power to her for taking her own love of food to such incredible heights and best wishes to Puppy’s Bakery. May they go from strength to strength! 

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